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Star Anise(Chakra Phool)


Star anise traditionally is used in savory recipes, particularly with meats. It often is added whole to soups, stews and braising broths, to which it adds a sweet-licorice-peppery flavor. Star anise can be used whole or ground.

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Star anise has been used in Asian and Eurasian cooking for many, many years. This age-old spice is not only known as a culinary expert, but is also famous for its medicinal properties. Anise is frequently used as an exotic spice in Indian as well as in Chinese cuisines. Because of its strong, delightful fragrance, it is mostly used in biryanis, chicken, sea food and other vegetarian dishes. This small flower-like fruit is also a storehouse of some key ingredients, which can help combat several illnesses apart from imparting flavour to dishes.

Brown Mustard Organic

This product in the display is a Brown Mustard Black weighing 100 grams. It contains protein, calcium, vitamin A and E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It detoxifies liver and blood and helps in lowering cholesterol. It also provides skin and eye health protection.

Product Description

  • Star anise is a spice made from the fruit of the Chinese evergreen tree Illicium verum.
  • It is aptly named for the star-shaped pods from which the spice seeds are harvested and has a flavor that is reminiscent of licorice.
  • It is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine and can be used in soups, stews, broths, baked goods, desserts or steeped as a tea.
  • Star anise is famed not only for its distinct flavor and culinary applications but also for its medicinal benefits.

Technical Specifications

  • Star anise is rich in a variety of flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds that may contribute to its medicinal capacity.
  • Star anise has been useful in the medical realm for treating a variety of fungal, bacterial and viral infections.


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