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Established in 2016, Elworld Agro & Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. Is India’s pioneering and premium organic food brands  which aims to redefine the way of healthy living, By bringing authentic organic foods such as Pulses, Beans, Spices, Rice, Cereals and Sweetners etc. 

We are a 29 year old subsidiary of ELCOMPONICS GROUP specializing in producing certified organic food products and we aim to serve you with the best quality. So to achieve this, our CMD S.N. DWIVEDI goes an extra mile by helping the organization join hands with 2500+ farmers while covering approximately 4500 hectares of land area. 

We are an enthusiastic team with a vision to provide you with some of the best nature’s healthy alternatives.

About Us Elworld Organic


  • At Elworld Organic we are passionate about the upliftment of farmers for which we have introduced fair trade practices internally with our farmers from Madhya Pradesh, UP & Rajasthan on Grains, Pulses & Spices.
  • We believe in “Kisan Swasth Toh Desh Swasth” (Healthy Farmers Healthy Nation). Farming as a profession gains the respect and recognition it so richly deserves.
  • Our aim is to epitomize Life and Sustainability, and encourage a positive change in the lifestyle of people around us. 


  • Our mission is to empower as many farmers as possible and motivate them to convert from chemical-based farming to organic farming. 
  • Our team is convinced that as more people forgo conventional foods, which have been treated with pesticides, the cost of production for organic foods will decrease, leading to a spurt in supply as well as demand.
  • We are redefining the definition of good living to one nourished by organic and natural products that are sourced ethically and farmed sustainable.
It was extremely pleasing to have organic products. The products delivered are of good quality. I would shop more online in the future.
Namit Laxman

Certified Products

Organic foods do not Contain synthetic ingredients which can be harmful for your health.

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!