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Premium Basmati Rice


This product in the display is a Premium Basmati rice weighing 1 kilograms. Biryani rice is high in calorie, carbohydrates with minimal fat content. It is rich in taste, suitable for diabetics.

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This product in the display is a traditional white basmati rice weighing 1 kilograms. The grains of basmati rice are long and slender as compared to normal rice. Premium basmati rice is high in calorie carbohydrates with minimal fat content. It is rich in taste suitable for diabetics. Basmati Rice is a variety of rice that is cultivated at the foothills of the Himalayas. Due to its low starch content  cooked basmati rice grains are fluffy and non-sticky  with each individual grain separate from each other. Basmati is gluten-free and low in fat. It contains all eight essential amino acids  folic acid and is very low in sodium and has no cholesterol. Basmati has a low to medium glycemic index  meaning that energy is released at a slower  steadier rate leading to a more balanced level of energy.

Product Description

  • Basmati rice has a very distinct smell that many describe as being similar to popcorn when it’s cooked. In fact, the word “basmati” in Hindi means “full of aroma” or “fragrant.” In some places, it’s called the “queen of perfumed rice.”
  • Basmati rice is native to India and Pakistan, with India being responsible for 2/3 of the global supply.

Technical Specifications

  • With a glycemic index between 50 and 58, basmati rice is a medium glycemic index food. If you have diabetes, small portions of basmati rice can be a part of your healthy diet.
  • Basmati rice is typically high in carbohydrates and micronutrients like thiamine, folate, and selenium.
  • Basmati is lower in arsenic than other types of rice and often enriched with important vitamins and minerals.
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 25.5 × 8 cm

1 kg


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