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Cumin seeds is also known as Jeera. Cumin Powder is grown without using pesticides and chemicals.

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This product in the display is a Cumin Powder weighing 100 grams each. It contains Thymol which helps in digestion. It is also high source of iron. Cumin powder has a special place among blended spices and it is a must in specific dishes. Cumin Seeds (jeera) is an essential Indian spice, that does not only make your food delicious but has numerous health benefits too.

Product Description

  • Cumin powder is obtained by grinding the cumin seeds into a fine powder. People across the world use cumin powder as a seasoning in food. It is also a popular remedy in traditional medicine and for good reason. Cumin packs a lot of health benefits into a few tiny seeds.
  • For generations, people have used cumin to treat conditions ranging from indigestion and diarrhea to headaches. People in India have used it to treat kidney and bladder stones, eye disease, and even leprosy. Now, scientific research is finding evidence that backs up many of these traditional uses.


Technical Specifications

  • Research has shown that cumin may help kill some bacteria that can get into your body and make you sick. In the lab, cumin has been shown to limit the growth of microorganisms, including E. coli—a bacteria that can cause food poisoning.
  • Several studies have shown that cumin may help people control their cholesterol levels. In one study, cumin powder dissolved in yogurt helped reduce “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides while increasing “good” (HDL) cholesterol.
  • Traditionally used as an antidiabetic drug, one study found that eating cumin can help lower urea in the blood—an organic compound that may interfere with how your body responds to insulin.
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