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Chana Dal


Chana dal is a split lentil, also known as baby chickpeas, which is very popular in Indian Cuisine. It is highly nutritious, delicious and is used in both sweet and savoury recipes due to its rich taste and aroma

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Elworld’s Chana Dal are packed with wholesome nutrition and make for a healthy ingredient to add in your cooking. The grams contain nutrients of protein, fiber and minerals; with a naturally flavourful taste to serve up a delicious and nourishing meal. This unpolished chana dal has a natural taste and adds an inviting aromatic note to the dishes you prepare.This vegetarian food item is safe for consumption and contains no chemicals or GMO; for a completely wholesome and healthy meal.
The product contains a quantity of 1kg, and is packed in a secure packaging to ensure a long and healthy shelf-life.

Product Description

  • Split Bengal gram, commonly known as Chana Dal, is consumed in all parts of India and has been used as a staple in a variety of Indian dishes.
  • Apart from the customary dal preparation, the legume can be used in soups, curries or even in salads.
  • Have it as a dry roasted snack, use it in tempering of South Indian dishes, club it with vegetables like bottle gourd or cabbage or turn it into a rich preparation to go with pakwans.

Technical Specifications

  • Chana Dal is suitable for those with the risk of diabetes because it is known for its low glycemic index.
  • The level of protein in Chana Dal makes it an excellent source of the macronutrient amongst vegetarians and vegans.
  • Chana dal is rich in B complex vitaminswhich plays an important role in glucose metabolism.
  • Bein a good source of folic acid, chana dal helps in lowering the levels of homocysteine and reduces the risk of blood clots and hardening of arteries.
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