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Elworld Organic is dealing with organic black aromatic rice from indigenous Manipur. It is completely organic. Best Organic Food Products black scented rice chakhao is healthy because it has the ability to fight cancer and free diabetes.

The famous Manipuri black aromatic rice grown in Dehradun has an aroma and healthy nutrients. Chalk Hao Amubi is a high antioxidant quotient among the major health benefits offered by aromatic rice. Antioxidants increase immunity levels and help your body eliminate various diseases and infections better. Antioxidants also help release toxins from the body. Anthocyanin is said to be helpful in reducing the chances of a heart attack. It reportedly plays a role in preventing plaque buildup in arterial walls. They are also helpful in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Studies have shown that eating black rice can help keep some dangerous diseases away. It can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Although solid scientific evidence does not exist, many users of black aromatic rice say that its intake helps prevent and cure some types of cancer.

This product in the display is Organic Black Aromatic Rice weighing 1 kg. It is a high-calorie food rich in carbohydrates and protein-rich. It is a light and fragrant medium of black grain rice. Elworld produces one of the  Best Organic Food Products aromatic black rice, which is known for its high medicinal value. This is a superfood !! Widely grown in Manipur. Contains all important minerals and antioxidants. A local favorite as well as a type after rice in the United States, Middle East, and Asia.

This fragrant black rice from Manipur is traditionally called Chak Hoo Amubi where Chak Hoo means tasty and Amubi means black. Black rice or forbidden rice is a rare and very old variety of rice. In India, it is known as Chalk Hao in Manipur. This black rice is sticky in nature. It is glutinous rice that has a slightly nutty flavor. When cooked, this black rice turns dark purple due to its high content of anthocyanin. Thus it is also known as purple rice. This fragrant rice is a rich source of iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants. It is also a good source of fiber. This black rice is used to prepare sweets, noodles, Chinese black rice cakes, Italian risotto, oatmeal, and bread.

Aromatic black rice is dense in nutrients and contains powerful antioxidants called anthocyanin that help patients with diabetes and heart disease. It also aids in brain functioning. It is a rich source of vitamin E and thus is good for skin and hair. The phytonutrients present in black rice help to flush out toxins from our bodies. The rich fiber content helps in regulating bowel movements, diarrhea, and inflammation. Due to the high content of fiber, it helps prevent obesity.

Being a reputed company in the market, we are involved in manufacturing and supplying the best quality of Black Aromatic Rice (Chachao) in Imphal West, Manipur, India. This rice is known for its reasonable rates and good quality. In addition, the proposed rice has a rich taste and rich nutritional value. In addition, we offer this Black Aromatic Rice (Chakhao) in the right packaging to customers in bulk to maintain its long shelf life.

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